The United Kingdom remains a desirable destination for many people from outside the EU in search of a better life for their families. Obtaining permanent residence UK status is usually a lengthy process, taking an average of 5 years, depending on which route you are applying under.

This article explains who is eligible for permanent residence in UK, the various routes to residency, how to apply and how long it all takes.

  • 3 months to UK Residency
  • Open to all Nationalities
  • 186 Countries Visa Free Travels
  • Invest in Business OR Setup your branch office
  • Live and Work in UK with Family
  • Free Medical for Family and Free Education for Children
Why choose the UK?

Residency or citizenship to the United Kingdom provides investors with access to a world of benefits which include:

  • Excellent standard of education of free state and private schools with more than 150 top class universities
  • One of the best free health care services in the world
  • The strength and security of a U.K. passport for you and your family
  • Allowing ease of travel across the world
  • The UK is a great power with a high income economy
  • Diverse and multicultural society with large cultural and ethnic communities
  • Member of the G8
  • One of the best financial and business friendly hubs in the world
  • Attractive tax regime for high net worth investors classed as U.K. resident, non-domicile

About the Innovator visa

The Innovator visa is the replacement for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category. It is for the more experienced, proven business entrepreneur who wishes to establish a viable business in the UK with real prospects of growth.

What are the key criteria to obtain an Innovator visa?

  • An original business plan demonstrating innovation
  • Support from an Endorsing Body
  • Business investment from just £50,000
  • An acceptable level of English
  • Adequate maintenance funds (unless exempted)

How long can you stay in the UK?

The duration of your entry clearance is three years. After that you can apply for ILR (settlement) in the UK. There are various conditions to meet. Visa Kings Global can guide you on the best way to meet these conditions.

Support from the Endorsing Body

This is absolutely most vital to the success of your application. It is there to make sure you will bring benefits to the UK economy.

We have worked for six years in the start-up and new business sector as our specialism. We have helped to raise millions of pounds for innovator companies and have dealt with venture capitalists and Fund Managers. We understand what they are looking for and we are rare in the immigration field in having that specialised knowledge.

Discover your innovation

Having an original business idea is absolutely vital to a successful Innovator visa application.

All types of business are possible — none are excluded. What matters is innovation, viability and the ability to scale.

Our team has a proven track record and through years of experience working in the start-up sector, we have directly helped to raise millions of pounds for new UK businesses.

Atlantic Global apply our significant experience of preparing and presenting innovative business plans to ensure our clients have the greatest chances of success under the Innovator visa.

Don’t delay

Innovator visas depend on approval from a Government-approved Endorsing Body.

Each body receives an approval quota which limits the cases we can accept.

Innovator visa key information

  • Establish a UK business

    which must be endorsed by a Government-approved body

  • Receive 3 years’ UK residency

    after which you will then qualify to apply for settlement (ILR)

  • £50,000 minimum investment

    reduced from £200,000 under the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa

Concierge Services

What is too often forgotten is that getting your visa is not the end of the matter.

There is a lot of extra help you may need in getting settled. Very few immigration advisors will offer these services…

Why Atlantic Global

We have experienced business immigration solicitors, who provide prompt and cost-effective advice to any organisation employing staff from overseas. By making an appointment with one of our business immigration solicitors, you can be assured of receiving some of the best legal advice available in the UK today.  We will assist you with all aspects of business immigration law, including applying for a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa.

How to Apply?

For UK Residency or citizenship first you have to check your eligibility:

  • Book for appointment with Atlantic senior consultant
  • Get your assessment report and eligibility
  • Once you get eligible sign an contract with UK lawyer to start your process
  • Check list will be provided to arrange your required documents
  • Once check list will be ready UK lawyer will present your case in Embassy
  • You might have to face interview if required
  • Once main applicant visa approved they can also sponsor their dependents